Literacy Buddies

Literacy Buddies Program

The purpose of the Literacy Buddy Project is to teach children about correspondence, communication, and promote early literacy while providing children with quality books that they take home. The project also supports parents as partners in their children’s learning. For many of our children, a Literacy Buddy provides the only opportunity for them to have books of their own at home.

Would you like to become a literacy buddy to a child in our community?

It is easy. Anyone, any age, anywhere can become a Literacy Buddy and it doesn’t take much time, but makes a large impact in the life of a child. All exchanges between Buddy are done by mail, sent to the child care site and using first names only. Many Literacy Buddys are winter residents of our community. Exchanges occur three times per year.

Please click on our Literacy Buddy Project brochure for more information. An application is also included here. Please complete it and return to Or complete the contact information form below.

Literacy Buddy Brochure
Literacy Buddy Application

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